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Welcome to Jazz Legacy Radio!

Bear with us! We are currently working on acquiring more music, and preparing programming, including interview features, shows playing all manner of swing and the blues from recordings we all know and love; and other treats, including tribute programs to classic pioneers of the music. And of course, we're going to feature more of the young artists making an impact in our time, placing their stamp on this music we love.

Also, full disclosure- I'm about to toot my own horn... watch for Mboya's Songbook, a program consisting of my own compositions, as well as live stream performances.

Stay tuned for that and more. It's time to swing! Welcome to Jazz Legacy Radio!

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1 Comment

Karl Shott
Karl Shott
Aug 27, 2022

congrats on the new station...i hope you have fun spreading the truth about jazz history as it's supposed to be told...good luck brother!

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